Our clients love the quality of the products we use - which tells us we're doing something right! There's no wavering when it comes to choosing the right materials for a job well done that will last for years and years to come. We buy our materials locally which means we see the products ourselves before we make any order.

With that said, buying locally doesn't only mean seeing the product before the purchase. We stand behind our nation's capital and love the work we do. It only makes sense to keep it in the neighbourhood...and in your pockets too! We pick up materials ourselves which means we don't deal with nasty shipping charges and in turn saves you the client, money.


We understand quality at Heritage Landscape Design which is why we only use the best high grade stones on the market. We deal with local stone manufacturers who are already familiar with our harsh & adverse weather conditions and who supply us with the toughest materials that sustain damages against wear and tear, discolouration, deterioration and cracking only the best for our clients!

To view catalogues online, follow these links to our suppliers' websites:


We generally buy plants wherever there is availability and affordability. We advise our clients to check out local plant nurseries of their choosing unless they'd like us to plan out their horticultural design by purchasing a design. The horticulture design is where we offer multiple plant suggestions along with a detailed drawing plan and placement of plants, shrubs etc.

To read about the many plants and flowers to choose from, try this great tool from the Ritchie Feed and Seed website to search detailed information on seeds, plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for your horticultural needs.
Ritchie Feed Plant Search


We've partnered with local company Precision Custom Woodwork to supply you with the best in quality Canadian lumber and custom tailored design. In the past and on special occasion when clients decide to have a kitchen remodelled, we in partner with Precision Custom Woodwork have always delivered excellent and beautiful kitchen designs; both modern and elegant for various tastes in style.


Whether it's submersible led lighting you're looking for your pond, path lights, accent step lighting or flood lights for uplighting. We can install outdoor lights to bring your landscape to a new vision at sundown. You can never go wrong in going this route. We can choose lights for the client or they can pick some out at their local hardware store.


Garden ornaments are a great way to jazz up a dull looking backyard. From garden fountains to lawn ornaments and accessories, outdoor bird baths, bird feeders or garden statues. We can choose ornaments for the client or have them pick some out at their local hardware store.