The goal of any homeowner who spends a lot of time outdoors is a lush and green lawn. You can easily obtain a green and healthy lawn by using a process called aeration, which allows air and water to mix with the soil to benefit growing grass. Aeration makes small holes in the soil by removing a series of plugs. The removal of these plugs allows water, air and nutrients to seep into the soil. If you want to have a green and healthy lawn, then review a few reasons why aeration is essential.

Helps Your Yard Breathe

Grass requires access to oxygen and nutrients to properly grow. Aeration of your yard allows grasses to get needed nutrients from the soil. This will allow the grass to survive drought conditions. The aeration of your yard will allow water to penetrate into the soil and reach the roots. If you aerate your yard prior to adding fertilizer, then the roots are better able to get nutrients needed to thrive. Grass will grow thick and full because of softer soil after using an aerator for lawns.

Reduces Water Waste

Aerating your yard in the spring allows improved water absorption into the ground. The aeration of the yard will help limit the amount of water runoff that occurs when watering or irrigating. Your water use will be cut nearly in half once you have aerated the yard in the spring. You will also notice less water buildup and puddling after heavy rains. This is due to the loosening of the soil after aeration. The yard will also look fuller as competition from weeds is reduced.

Clear Thatch Buildup

The buildup of thatch over time will prevent the movement of air and water into the soil. You will find thatch buildup under the grass and soil of the yard. If you have a thick buildup of thatch in the yard, then it can lead to disease conditions or insect infestation. This can cause grass to turn brown and die due to the compaction of the soil. Aerating your yard will allow beneficial bacteria to freely move through the soil and break down the buildup of thatch. Thatch buildup is will also cause increased water runoff. The reduction of thatch in your yard by using an aerator for lawns will allow the grass roots to extend down into the soil.

Reduces Soil Compaction

The compaction of soil in your yard can create a situation where water is unable to penetrate and get to the roots of the grass. Pores in the soil are necessary to allow water to seep into the ground. If the soil becomes too compacted, then it cannot properly hold air and water. Soil compaction is not beneficial if you want to have a lawn that is healthy and easy to maintain. You need to aerate your yard in the spring prior to turning on sprinklers. The use of an aerator for grass helps to reduce soil compaction and allows water to soak down to the roots of the grass.

Improve Yard Health

The well-being of your yard is important, and aeration will help assure that it grows and thrives. Aeration of your yard is a process that will remove most unwanted weeds. You will also see that brown areas are reduced. The process of aeration needs to be done both in the spring before using herbicides and in the fall before the yard goes dormant. If you aerate your yard each year, then you will see an immediate difference in the condition of the grass and look of the lawn in general.

Additional Information

Aerating your yard can be done using a variety of tools. You can find an aerator for lawns or an aerator for grass at any home improvement store. These can be found as hand tools or a powered machine that runs on gasoline. Additionally, you can hire a qualified lawn care professional to take care of your lawn aeration. Heritage Landscape Design has been providing quality lawn aeration services to residents of Ottawa since 1991. Contact us today at 613-746-2591 for your no obligation lawn care analysis.


Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:

• Improves the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
• Enhances soil water uptake
• Improves fertilizer uptake and use
• Contributes to stronger turfgrass roots
• Reduces soil compaction
• Helps to breakdown thatch
• Reduces water runoff and puddling
• Enhances tolerance to heat and drought stress
• Improves resiliency and cushioning

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