Add the finishing touches to your beautiful landscapes by having Heritage Landscape install lighting systems such as accent lighting, built in lighting systems i.e: Focus illumination on trees, shrubs or exterior walls with uplighting or have your pathway beautifully lit while you enjoy a night stroll on your property and host garden and pool parties for your guests!

Effective implementation of backyard lighting can accomplish several things for your yard's visual appeal as well as add value to your home. The right design will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard while also improving your home security and making your outdoor living space more fun and functional to use on those lovely evenings after the sun has set.

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Whether it's submersible led lighting you're looking for your pond, pathlights, accent step lighting or flood lights for uplighting. We can install outdoor lights to bring your landscape to a new vision at sundown. You can never go wrong in going this route.

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Lighting Services
  • • Accent Lighting
  • • Spotlighting
  • • Built-in Retaining Wall Lighting
  • • Handrails
  • • Decks & Patios
  • • Pathways
  • • Steps & Landings
  • • Fences
  • • Ponds
  • • Pool Decks